About Us

Our Story

Miami Digital Solutions was established in 2009 as a provider in Nuclear Medicine services. Founded and directed by engineers allowed the company to service the community providing affordable quality services.The addition of DR, CR, XR, CT, MR and Ultrasound has allowed Miami Digital Solutions to complement its services and enhance its diagnostic capabilities. Today Miami Digital Solutions primary focus is to meet the needs of the medical community by providing a variety of diagnostic imaging service options.

Why Us?

In the 21st Century it is important for companies to stay competitive by improving and maintaining services, efficiency and profitability. Technology services, cutting edge equipment and devices are plentiful and, in many cases, costly. Miami Digital Solutions is here to partner with you in matching real solutions to real needs. We have assisted many small to mid-sized companies in the quest for technological excellence and have been successful in the effort.

How We Can Help You?

Our consulting practice focuses on helping clients make smart choices as they incorporate new or refurbished technologies into their business operations. You want to stay competitive by improving your current imaging equipment and technology services efficiencies and profitability. Miami Digital Solutions helps you match real needs with real solutions. Affordable solutions! Whether the need is new or refurbished diagnostic equipment, digital solutions to your existing modality, new voice and data networks, or simply servicing your current equipment to provide optimal quality of service.