Finance Options.
We at Miami Digital Solutions serve the needs of our customers by finding the best finance options for the equipment being purchase. Whether purchasing or leasing, our financial professionals will help us find the leasing solution to meet your needs. We have the capability to fund transactions on a national basis via a full range of financial products including:

Tax-oriented Leases (also referred to as True Leases). A tax oriented lease is a contract whereby the lessor-owner of the equipment is entitled to the tax depreciation deductions and the lessee-user is entitled to the tax payment deduction.


Lease Purchases (also referred to as a non-tax oriented or Lease Finance Agreement). Lease purchases are contracts whereby the lessee-user of the equipment may take the tax deduction or depreciation and the interest portion of each rental payment.


Master Lease Lines. A Master Lease governs a continuing arrangement with the subsequent execution of separate schedules defining equipment configurations and repayment terms. This is in the contrast to a lease contract with a single transaction pertaining to specific equipment.


Sale/Leaseback. A sale/leaseback allows a company that owns equipment to sell it to a leasing company and lease it back. This type of contract can be of either a tax or non-tax oriented nature.


Chattel Mortgages/Loan & Security Agreements. Represent contracts in which the user of the equipment owns the equipment to be financed and grants the lender a lien on the property as security for the payment of the obligation.