Computed Radiography

Computed Radiography (CR) is the fast and easy way to convert your facility to digital today! The easy-to-use tabletop CR scanners can produce 56 to 70 plates per hour while offering crisp image quality. Reading images at 10 pixels/mm, the compact CR scanners can be used in any environment, including mobile units. Computed Radiography (CR) is the fastest way to take existing analog imaging into the digital realm. Additionally, the CR also offers significant speed and image quality over analog film processing.
Moving into the digital x-ray world is simple retain your current x-ray machine and add an Acquire Workstation and a CR digital scanner. These tools provide a truly stand-alone acquire workstation where images are acquired, quality checked, diagnosed, archived, and optionally sent to an external PACS. This is an optimal solution for small clinics looking to leave their film processing days and reduce the cost of radiology. Used in combination with an PACS, the Acquire Workstation becomes an invaluable member of our product line of digital radiology software tools. X-ray technologists are able to continue scanning new patients while the images are stored on the central PACS server and doctors view the exams in Patient rooms. As a standalone product or part of a larger PACS, a Computed Radiography (CR) digital scanner is your solution for taking your current x-ray business into the digital realm.
Please choose from our list of systems available for more information:
OPAL (CR) Digital Scanner
OPAL (CR-II) Digital Scanner
iCRco (iCR3600) Digital Scanner
iCRco (VertX) Digital Scanner